Rowley Brass, St John the Baptist Bristol

A Brief Digression on Merchants’ Marks

A brief digression on Merchant Marks As part of my lockdown activities (because there are very few locked buildings you ...
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Wot No Air?, Little Easton

‘Wot No Air?’ – A Selection of Organ Graffiti in Essex

'Wot No Air?' - A Selection of Organ Graffiti in Essex St Nicholas church at Elmdon, Essex disappointed me in ...
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Woman, St Mary's, Stebbing, Essex

October Miscellany

October Miscellany Upcoming Events Popular Magic: Then and Now Church Studies Zoom lectures Items of Interest CCT lecture on Macabre ...
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Gaming up the Walls

GAMING UP THE WALLS At the Making Your Mark Graffiti Symposium held at Southampton in September 2019, Raking Light's Anthea ...
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