St Christopher, Willingale, Essex

Sharing a churchyard with St Andrew’s, St Christopher’s church served the parish of Willingale Doe. The church dates to the 14th century, the font is 15th century and the church was extensively restored in the 19th century. This restoration may be why there is little graffiti in the church itself.

The main location for the remaining graffiti is the 15th century font, which has several examples of possible Marian marks and a compass-drawn daisy wheel on one panel.

The organ, which dates to the 1860s, has a scattering of names and initials of organ blowers with a little skull and crossbones. Maybe one organ blower dreamt of being a pirate between hymns!

The rest of the graffiti is scattered around the church. Apart from a possible Marian mark, it is names and initials only.

Report by Anthea Hawdon.

St Christopher’s
The Street

The church is normally open during daylight hours.


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