St Peter’s Church, Sudbury, Suffolk

pilgrims crucifixion
Pilgrims crucifixion

Sudbury is a town on the Suffolk/Essex border with a rich medieval and Georgian history. There are three medieval churches in the town, with St Peter’s being on the market square. It is in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust and is also used as an art centre. It dates back to 1330 as the earliest stage of building.

It has several very interesting pieces of graffiti. In the chancel near the organ there is a small flock of birds, including a peacock with very scaly legs. 

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The south chapel has a good selection of pilgrim’s crosses and a crucifixion scene, Sudbury being on the pilgrims’ route to the shrine at Bury St Edmunds. 

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Next graffiti of note are a strange set of circles in 3 columns. Also a column of crescents and circles that suggest the phases of the moon.


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There is a good selection throughout the church of masons’ marks, initials, dot patterns, crosses, Marian marks, a couple of pieces of script and a pentagram.

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St Peter’s is a lovely church in a pretty town and well worth a visit. As it is under the care of the CCT it is usually open to the public, however, its role as an arts and community centre means that it is worth checking that there are no events scheduled if you wish to go graffiti-hunting.

St Peter’s Church

Market Square



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Contributor: Anthea Hawdon