St Mary the Virgin, Dedham, Essex

The village of Dedham is on the River Stour is where John Constable went to school and the church of St Mary the Virgin has one of his paintings to prove it. The village was a wealthy wool town and spent some of those riches on its church which, apart from some earlier remnants, dates back to the 1490s.

There is a scattering of graffiti amongst the columns in the nave but the vast majority of graffiti is around the tower door and it mostly consists of names and initials.

There are a few symbols concentric circles, a partial compass circle and a ladder symbol.

The rest of the graffiti is made up of names and initials with some dates, mostly of the 20th century.

St Mary the Virgin
High Street
C07 6DE

The church is usually open during daylight hours. Parking spots are available on the High St.

Report by: Anthea Hawdon

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