St Mary Church, Chickney, Essex

IHS monogram, pentagram, 5 pointed star
IHS monogram, pentagram, 5 pointed star

The church of St Mary in Chickney, Essex is a Churches Conservation Trust church you approach down a single track road off the B1051. There is a small parking bay outside the churchyard.

The church goes back to Saxon times with additions through the years and major restoration in the late 1850s. 

There is a lot of graffiti around the south door. Of special interest is a good compass drawn daisy wheel with a marian mark inscribed over it. There is also a ladder design and a curious, serpentine cord or plait up one side of the doorway.


Inside the church is whitewashed and bare. Most of the graffiti is of visitors’ initials.


In the south wall window near the pulpit is an IHS monogram of delicate and beautiful work next to a clear pentagram. There are also several examples of script including one for a Philemon Whale.

St Mary Church






Report by: Anthea Hawdon