St Mary, Buttsbury, Essex

The Pevsner entry for St Mary’s, Buttsbury describes the church as ‘small and alone’, which is accurate for a village church with no village in sight. St Mary’s was built in the 14th century with the tower added in the 15th. 

There is no graffiti inside the church, other that two items. The south doorway is the site of the historic graffiti including one compass circle and Marian ‘M’ mark.

The two pieces of graffiti inside are: ‘This church was redecorated by WH Shipton 1949’ and ‘ALS  May 1949’. These are inscribed on a pillar in the north aisle. All other stonework in the church is clean and smooth and it makes you wonder if WH Shipton and ALS are responsible for it being that way.

The rest of the graffiti at the south door is of names and initials.

St Mary’s
Ingatestone Road

The church is open 10am – 4pm. There is parking beside the church.

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