St Mary, Bures, Suffolk

The village of Bures is divided by the River Stour and, as the river functions as the border between Essex and Suffolk, the village is part in Suffolk and part in Essex. The church of St Mary falls on the Suffolk side of the border. It is always nice to see a church that is aware of the graffiti it has and can guide you to it.
The highlights of the graffiti, on the tower arch of the church, are undoubtedly a finely drawn face and a cross showing the symbols of the crucifixion.
There are also compass daisy wheels, pentagrams, Marian marks, crosses and faint script.
A large monument to the Waldegrave family in the south east of the church is unusual for not only having names and initials carved into it, but also some geometric designs added to diamond cartouches on the tomb.
The rest of the graffiti scattered around and outside the church consists of names and initials. The dates given are mostly 18th century with one possible 16th century

Report by Anthea Hawdon

St Mary’s Church
Church Square

The church is usually open during daylight hours.

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