St Mary and St Clement, Clavering, Essex (2/4)

Roof carving
Roof carving

South Arcade

The south arcade of St Mary and St Clement has an abundance of exciting graffiti.

There are several compass drawn and hand drawn circle designs of varying complexity in the south arcade. The most notable of which are one large spiral within a compass drawn circle (on the western most pier of the south arcade) and a compass drawn cross on a column half-way down the arcade. Although this compass drawn cross looks like a consecration cross it is too low down on the column (only about 80cm from the ground) to be an actual consecration cross.

There are several images in the south aisle ranging from the straighforward bird’s head on the inner doorframe, a fish with cross-hatched scales and two large keys, to a more enigmatic three prong fork design. There are also a couple of images that appear to represent a post with a tripod base with a circle (or oval) at the top, it is not clear what they represent.

In the protection marks bracket there are a wide variety of marian marks, crosses, pentangles and merels.


There are a number of curious vertical zig-zag lines.


There are a large number of ladders, grids and cross hatching marks.

There are the usual range of initials and dates, ranging from 1601 to a pencilled 1924.

Report by Anthea Hawdon

See previous post for address and location details.

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