St Andrews Church, Great Yeldham, Essex

St Andrews
St Andrews

St Andrews church in Great Yeldham, Essex appears in Violet Pritchard’s English Medieval Graffiti. Unfortunately, the three intertwined fish she describes cannot be seen. All the columns and piers have been whitewashed, so this may be hiding the design.

A compass drawn quatrefoil is clearly visible on one of the north columns. There are other marks around it, but these are too faint for any distinct pattern to be made out.

Compass Drawn Circles, Quatrefoil
Compass Drawn Circles, Quatrefoil

There are some other marks outside at the west end of the church. They have suffered weathering, but an IHC Christogram, a memorial with a cross, a Marian mark W and a merel are clearly visible.

The rest of the graffiti consists of faint initials and various crossed lines.

St Andrews Church
Church Road
Great Yeldham

The church is usually closed. See links for key holders.

Post by Anthea Hawdon


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