March Miscellany

Welcome to this month’s roundup of items of interest from the internet and twitter feeds.


We have a little game of compare and contrast here – with two pipe smokers! One is from Gloucester Cathedral and the other is from St Mary’s church in Elsenham, Essex. Remember people, smoking is bad, no matter how pleased both these guys look with themselves!

Gloucester Cathedral Smoker
Gloucester Cathedral Smoker
St Mary's, Elsenham, Top Hat and PIpe
St Mary’s, Elsenham, Top Hat and PIpe

Events and Courses

Norwich Historical Churches Trust Course Progamme

Items of Interest

Computing AI and graffiti

Database of medieval badges

A piece of apotropaic lore bites the dust

An Easter dance and game at Chartres Cathedral

A post on Inner Lives about a new book about medieval magic.

Stunning prisoner graffiti in Palermo.

Alison Fearns talking about the Creswell apotropaic graffiti on the BBC Radio4 ‘Sunday’ programme and the Some Other Sphere podcast.

Found on Twitter

Face and phallus graffiti in Roman Villa in Bay of Naples

WW2 graffiti from a church roof

Art and protective marks on the walls of Renaissance artist Nicolo Aluno