Merel, Falaise Castle, Normandy
Merel, Falaise Castle, Normandy



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WW2 graffiti in Bayeux 

German POW graffiti from WW1

Sharpening Marks

If you have ever sighed at someone explaining that the series of deep groves in a wall were made by knights (preferably templars) sharpening their swords, or by archers sharpening their arrows on their way to Agincourt, here is a quick glimpse at what tool sharpening marks actually look like. (From Industrial Revelations Series 1, Episode 4)


A vertical merel from Falaise Castle in Normandy, France. Photo by Wendy Scott.

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Examples of Daisy Wheels in floors from Westminster Abbey, Chateau de L’Herm chapel, Dordogne, France and Chateau du Losse, Dordogne, France.

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