Holy Cross, Felsted, Essex

Holy Cross, Felsted
Holy Cross, Felsted
Holy Cross is a wide, light-filled church built in the 12th century with additions and alterations in the 14th and 16th centuries. There have been renovations in the 19th and 20th centuries. These later renovations have removed some of the graffiti, but there is still a substantial amount, especially on the columns on the north side of the nave.
While most of the graffiti consists of names and initials, there is a nice merel, a faint and thin stafford knot, a quatrefoil compass drawn circle, and incomplete daisy wheels.
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There are a large number of crosses and several Marian marks.
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Of the names, I have a special fondness for Stephen Skynner, who found out that capital N’s are difficult to write and settled for lower case N’s in his surname.
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5 Station Road
The church is open during daylight hours and there is a small car park beside it.
Report by Anthea Hawdon

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