Exeter Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire

Oval design
Oval design

How do you photograph graffiti from a long-demolished building? In the case of the stones from the Old Sarum cathedral and castle site (demolished in the 13th century) you can go to Exeter St in Salisbury and find them making up part of the cathedral precinct wall.


Now it’s not normally advisable to take plaques like this on trust, but as it turns out English Heritage has evidence that this is indeed the case.

There a few suggestive of marian marks.

A handful of butterfly crosses.

Three intriguing oval designs, one of which is carefully done.

This concentric circle is not the average compass drawn design. Perhaps it is wear from a chain fixed to the central point.

concentric circles
Concentric circles

The rest are made up of arrows, initials and some symbols or shapes that are difficult to make out.

The wall (and marks) start on St Nicholas Street and then along Exeter Street until St John’s Street where the plaque on St Anne’s Gate is.


  NB – the marker on the map is just to indicate the location. 2 St Nicholas’ Rd is a private house!

Report and pictures by Abby Hipkin and Meg Chappell